Simple And Economic Designer Tips To Enhance Your Home Appeal


Want to give your home a designer and comfy look without making burning a hole in your pocket? Looking for inexpensive ideas to do up your rooms in a brand new look? This is not at all a difficult task to achieve. All you need is a little imagination, some creativity, and loads of patience.  And Voila! You will have the look you always wanted to give your home and at the same time become the envy of the neighborhood.

Create a focal point

As soon as you enter a room the focal point is the one which should first meet the eye. This point could be a handmade painting, a rustic carpet, an antique chandelier, your seating arrangement or even your dining area. Go to for more options. Try using a different texture or color for the main wall in the room. A darker shade or a rough texture gives the room a brand new and contemporary look. Just make sure that all the colors and textures used to do up the room are coordinated and harmonized.

Wall accessories

Hanging innovative and creatively done plates, or photo frames in clusters or random groups gives the wall a modern look. Alternatively, you could try hanging a set of three paintings (Triptych technique).  Become crafty and paint a canvas or just use some modern art painting techniques, play around with some paints and create some awesome handmade paintings. The less adventurous can use some bright poster prints or abstract art which is easily available in online stores.  These are a few inexpensive ways to decorate your walls.

Hanging rugs or antique carpets on walls also enhances the way a room looks. The room looks larger and the rug has the similar effect like that of a mirror. This is also a modern and contemporary form of dressing walls.


Recycling old stuff and converting them to into artifacts is another latest trend in the world of modern interior decoration.  Add freshness to the room by bringing in old classic trunks and converting them into coffee tables or a bookshelf. An old clock or a junked up gramophone player can increase the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Bring in mirrors

Mirrors do a lot to make rooms look bigger and brighter too. Decorate the mirrors and put them up in areas which are smaller like corridors and at the end or beginning of a passage to make it look more spacious and warmer. Framing mirrors also is a great idea if you can manage the resources. They really make wonderful focal points when added to any area.



Many a time getting rid of unwanted and unused stuff also gives a new look to the room. Not only does the room look bigger and cleaner it looks spacious and organized too. It is easy to move around and getting in some functional furniture like a chest of draws instead of a large table makes more sense.  Getting organizers to hang on the wall leaves the floor area free to move around. Closed storage spaces are the need of the day and many inexpensive options are available online.

 Use more Color

Play around with colors. Use more color for your upholstery, curtains, table linen, and bed linen. Throw in some colorful and patterned cushion to brighten up the place. Colors make the place look radiant and lively and do wonders for the moods of the people in the house too.

Mixing different shades and hues, textures and pattern makes the ambiance of a room n=more dynamic and vibrant. 

Light up
During the day time make sure that there is plenty of natural light comes into the house. Keep window spaces free so that the windows can be opened and closed easily. Placing a nice comfortable piece of furniture near a source of natural light is wonderful for people who love to read or just sit gazing out at nature with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Create a cozy ambiance by using wall sconces in every room for accent lighting. Using this type of lighting at night is sure to add a touch of elegance and romance to your home.  Wall mounted sconces are ergonomic and come with flexible features so that they can be placed exactly where you would like to have the maximum illumination.

Armed with these inexpensive and easy to follow tips, giving your home a modern makeover would be exciting and great fun too.

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Become crafty and paint a canvas or just use some modern art painting techniques, play around with some paints and create some awesome handmade paintings.

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